“The feeling that any task is a nuisance will soon disappear if it is done in mindfulness.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

If you’ve ever been to a Yoga class, you probably know the feeling of bliss that is savasana, the closing posture of any yoga practice. Sometimes mistakenly called “relaxation” because indeed in this posture you’re letting your body relax, I really see this posture as an active one, in that the true purpose of it isn’t to fall asleep but rather to keep your mind alert while absorbing all the beautiful nutrients of your practice. To find a space within where your mind isn’t going all monkey-like (“Oh, did I lock my door this morning?” ; “Am I supposed to feel anything special?” ; “Is this going to be over soon?” ; “ZzzzzZZ…. wuut?…zzZZz” ). Where you find some peace, some clarity even.

Well I remember that the feeling I got during my very first savasana was really unique and special. A feeling I had a hard time finding again because in the meantime life happened and I guess I was just too immersed in understanding the asana – which is the physical practice of yoga – to actually let go of my monkey mind during savasana.

And then one day I decided to book a week-long yoga retreat in the south of France with a teacher that I particularly connected with (and still do!). I had no idea what to expect of it but was going through a challenging personal and professional time so I was convinced that this gift to myself might help me get my mind out of it. Boy was I in for a treat ! I got my money worth and so much more ! That very feeling that I had during my first savasana was pretty much the feeling I had during the whole retreat… When you get a chance to isolate from the day-to-day life and focus on your physical, mental and emotional sensations, there’s no way to avoid diving into your own shit ! Now the important part is how you’re going to react to it. You might want to tame it, put it aside and take care of it later, which is perfectly fine, or you might want to do like me and dive head first, write pages after pages, cry, share, feel… To be able to let go.

If you’re reading those words and you’re a beginner in yoga, I understand that they might come as a little intense or scary, but there’s nothing to worry about. Everyone will have a different experience. In the end, a yoga retreat is a way to take care of you and only you. Be it by focusing on the physical goal or by letting yourself enter a new way of viewing things, opening up to the wonderful world of the space within YOURSELF.

Namaste, Marie xx