Unplug & Breathe – COVID-19 Update

We are now ready to again invite you to join us to Unplug & Breathe in Portugal!

We have been a little quiet while we waited to see if traveling outside of our own country would be a possibility this year. Now, after the prime-minister of the Netherlands announced that as of June 15 travel is slowly opening up we are so excited to continue our planning. Honestly, we think we all need to Unplug & Breathe now more than ever. We hope you will join us! This page will give you all the latest news concerning COVID-19 and the measures we think you should be aware of. We will update this page when needed.

Last update: September 8, 2020

We have been in touch with Monte Rosa and on their end everything is open and ready for us! There are no COVID cases in the Monte Rosa area, and Monte Rosa has received a “Clean & Safe” Certificate. This is given to organizations and companies that follow strict rules to guarantee the safest environment possible. Monte Rosa is a beautiful and spacious destination. To be honest, we can’t think of a better place be, also during a pandemic.

Flights to Faro by Transavia became available again June 4th. Transavia is also working with strict rules to keep their flights safe. Find the most current information here. If you are joining us from another country please keep yourself informed about the rules and guidelines there!

EDIT: In case the Dutch government switches Portugal to the orange travel code while we are there, Transavia will continue to fly. We can decide to change our flight to an earlier one if available, but will decide this together with you. If you fly back from Portugal while it’s code orange the Dutch government will require you to self quarantine for 10 days. More information can be found here.

If Portugal becomes orange before our retreat dates, we will postpone Unplug & Breath to 2021 and look for a new date together with all participants.

We recommend Dutch people to check the government website about travel during Corona here. If you are not from the Netherlands, please make sure you regularly check with your own government for up-to-date guidelines for travel to and from Portugal to make sure you don’t run into unforeseen issues.

The Unplug & Breathe 2020 measures as of June 6, 2020:

  1. We will keep a distance of 1,5 m. during all times
  2. Wash your hands often
  3. With the help of Monte Rosa we will make sure the common spaces we use at Monte Rosa will be sanitized often
  4. We will place a hand sanitizer at the door of the Round House and ask you to clean your hands as you enter and as you leave
  5. We advise you to bring your own Yoga Mat. If you prefer not to travel with a mat you can use a Yoga mat from Monte Rosa, but we ask you to pick one in the beginning and bring it back to your house after every practice so you will have your own mat during the retreat. We will provide you with Yoga Mat cleaner.
  6. Sneeze and Cough in your elbow
  7. We will keep updating the rules and measures for our destination and the safety measures we will uphold during our Retreat on this page. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with these guidelines. We will base these on the measure of both the Dutch and the Portuguese government.

We have tried to answer most questions below. Please let us know if your question is not answered here:

What if we can’t travel to Portugal due to changes in COVID-19 measures?

If COVID measures change and you can no longer travel to Portugal, we have an agreement with Monte Rosa that we can reschedule our retreat to a time where it is safe to travel again.

How many people can join?

We have to cap the number of people that can join to maintain the necessary distance during our classes. That means we can bring a total of 6 Yogi’s.

We use the Round House as our Shala (Sanskrit for home) during Unplug & Breathe. As of now we have 2 sets of rules to consider:

  1. According to Dutch measures 30 people can be in one space as long as they stay 1.5 meters apart
  2. According to Portuguese measures in spaces under 100m2 there is a max. of 5 people allowed. This is expected to be opened up more come September.

This means that for now, we will plan on practicing outdoors, but we are optimistic that in September we’ll be allowed more people inside the Shala.

What if I have symptoms?

We ask every one to be responsible and not join us if you become symptomatic.

Will I get a refund when I can’t come because I have COVID-19 symptoms?

Because we want to keep the retreat affordable for everyone, we cannot guarantee you a full refund should you have to cancel. We can try to fill your spot and if we are successful we can refund you. We would prefer to move your booking to our next retreat that we are already planning for 2021. We hope you understand this, please let us know if you have any questions.

How about my flight?

When you travel with Transavia you can not only get a cancellation insurance, but you can also opt to be able to change your flight up to 2 weeks or even 2 hours before departure.

What if I start showing symptoms while in Portugal?

If you get sick with COVID-19 symptoms during the retreat you will have to stay in Portugal. As far as we can see now, you will have to refrain from flying until you are symptom free for 14 days. The Dutch government has announced that they will not repatriate people who get stuck on vacation. Please make sure your travel insurance covers costs like these. MaVayu is only responsible for the organization of the Retreat and the stay during that retreat. We want to be honest and clear, we cannot afford to help you pay for those costs. If we were to take that on, the cost of our Retreat would have to double. We will of course do everything within our power to help you should you get sick.

What if the pandemic takes another turn and countries have to lock down again?

If everything changes (and we know we should be open to that possibility) we will have to postpone the retreat to a later date. We are working on our worst case scenarios and have a few ideas in place. We will plan a new date together with YOU. Separately from that we will look to the option of hosting on online Retreat so we can meet online in September/October if we can’t do so in Portugal. We are offered the option to postpone our retreat when necessary by our location. That means that the money we already put down cannot be refunded.

We are looking forward to coming to Monte Rosa with you so much. In these times we wish we could help everyone to Unplug & Breathe, it is so needed. We know you’ll love spending time at the beautiful grounds of Monte Rosa, with loving teachers like Biddy and Marcella and with lots of time to come back to yourself. We hope to see you soon!


Marcella & Biddy