from Joyce, one of the Unplug & Breathe 2019 participants:

I just returned from the Unplug & Breathe yoga retreat by MaVayuRetreats at

It was so much more than I hoped for. The early morning meditation, the chanting, all different yoga classes: Slow Flow, Pranayama, Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Partner Yoga, Vinyasha, it was amazing. And all that in this beautiful place, with its Round House as our Yoga Shala and its pomgranate-, vig-, almond-, avocado-, and citrus trees. Where a very kind and gracious staff took care of all our needs. The meals were yummy and MaVayu communicated all the food preferences very well with the kitchen. The housing was cozy and comfortable. Oh and I didn’t even mention the pool, the beachtrip, and the wonderful workshops.

Our group was great fun, we laughed a lot, talked a lot and were relaxing a lot and all this, because Marie ( and Biddy (YogaVayu) did such a fantastic job.

It was very clear that they organized it with so much love. Thank you. 🙏🙏

Highly recommended!

from Marcella, one of the Unplug & Breathe 2019 participants:

I’ve been to a few retreats before, and I expected MaVayu’s to be great, but this is definately one of the life-changing ones that was beyond anything I could have imagined.

Marie & Biddy are both so warm, gracious and experienced, and they guided me through everything. The (yoga)workshops were interesting & informative, as well as deepening to the soul & relaxing. My body, mind and heart all got what they needed.

The food was amazing at Monte Rosa (they worked around all of our allergies) and the location was breathtaking (but lukily Marie and Biddy brought our breath back ;-)).

One of the moments I’ll never forget is finding my true sankalpa (intention). This has helped me not only through the retreat, but also in my daily life back home.

Infinite greatfulness to both Biddy and Marie! 

from Caitlin, one of the Unplug & Breathe 2019 participants:

I couldn’t recommend Mavayu Retreats enough! Biddy and Marie have poured their hearts and souls into their retreat and it shows. Every little detail has been thought about. There is an abundance of yoga classes and workshops in many styles so there is something for everyone. The food is amazing and no dietary request is too much! I felt so welcome and comfortable from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. Being a participant at Mavayu is very special indeed and I can’t wait to return!

from one of the Unplug & Breathe 2019 participants:

Yesterday was my first day back at work.. right away a very stressful situation… normally I’d probably freak out, heck it was so serious I might have cried. Not this time! I just sat back down, turned on one of your playlists and imagined I was still faaaaar away from all the problems. And because I stayed so calm, the situation pretty much resolved itself.

Today I’m doing the same and work is so much nicer! .. so when are we doing a retreat again?

from one of the Unplug & Breathe 2019 participants:

The extraordinary can see beyond the confines of the boxes we’ve made for ourselves.

It’s only when they dare go beyond it, that they risk ridicule from the outer world exactly because it’s not within those confines. If they don’t dare go beyond, the confines will be keep them ordinary. If they do dare they will probably face hardship for being different.

But if they persist they will ascend beyond the ordinary and reach places with other extraordinary people, likeminded people that have cast of their shackles. It’s only there where their lifes can truly blossom.

Such a people are Biddy and Marie. They  dared to stop working their jobs, while under pressure from the outer world that it’s not “a smart move” and such. They are extraordinary because of it. Then they met other extraordinary people, likeminded people. And their lifes blossomed