About MaVayu

How MaVayu was born

It was at a masterclass with Adriene Mishler in Manchester that Biddy and Marie met. The connection was instant and they have grown a friendship that may have found its roots in Yoga, but goes far beyond that now. While they are similar in a lot of ways, they also have differences that render this friendship complementary and so interesting.  These similarities and differences wil bel reflected in the retreats they organize, making them a balanced and very complete wellness experience.

Working together and creating MaVayu is something that grew just as naturally as their friendship. MaVayu was born out of love for Yoga and for each other. We look forward to welcoming you to our new adventure!

In 2020 Marcella joins the MaVayu team! Already a close friend of Biddy, she became a good friend of Marie when she joined the 2019 edition of the retreat. Now that Marie is expecting her baby within weeks of our 2020 retreat dates, we are so happy to announce that Marcella is joining the team for this year’s edition of Unplug & Breahte! Both Marcella & Biddy are looking forward to welcoming you to Monte Rosa.


Marie is French and currently lives in Rouen. After 10 exciting years spent creating pastries for high-end restaurants around the world, she felt exhausted and lost, eager to find herself again. Her love affair with yoga started 6 years ago when she started practicing vinyasa yoga in a studio in Saint Barths. Instantly something was triggered and it’s only natural that a few years later, she left for Bali to train as a vinyasa yoga teacher. What Marie likes most about teaching yoga is making people understand that they have a strength that lies deep inside without even realizing it. Make them understand the way their body works and how to respect and care for it, while at the same time learning to tap into their breath and their inner world. Marie teaches fiery, flowy Vinyasa practices as well as slow, deep Yin classes.

Her teachers and inspirations are Stéphanie Viu-Kessler, Trupteesh Nagaraj Hurikadale, Cécile Doherty-Bigara, Meghan Currie, Kino MacGregor & Laruga Glaser.


Biddy is Dutch, living in Delft with the amazing Joost (human) and Jilly (dog). Biddy owns Yoga Vayu and teaches different styles of Yoga. She has a deep love for ALL of them. (Slow) Flow, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and Kid’s Yoga. Each style of Yoga offers different benefits and Biddy’s main goal is to help you find what you need to feel the best that you can feel. Yoga is more than the asana. Yoga has changed Biddy’s life in so many ways and on so many levels. Starting to teach was like finding what she is meant to be doing. What she loves most, is helping you find that connection between  your body and mind. Finding ways to move, to practice within the possibilities that your body offers you. And there are always possibilities.

Biddy has had the pleasure of training and practicing with inspiring teachers. Some of her inspirations are Judith Hanson Lasater, Adriene Mishler, Lizzie Lasater, Erica Jago, Shiva Rea and Max Strohm.


Marcella is also a Dutchie and living in Delft, together with her boyfriend and partner in crime, Menno. She is an applied psychologist with a passion for being the imperfect example of how to live wholeheartedly. Marcella loves writing/ journaling, tea, music by Fia and other artists, baths, reading Brené Brown and (board)games like Ticket to Ride and 30 seconds. But she’s more than a cozy-indoor-girl : she also loves to dance, go outside (to the dunes!) and meet with beautiful people all over the world.

Marcella & yoga, go really well together, she teaches yoga ‘off the mat’ as a life coach. In her coaching you will recognize her experience in living whole-heartedly, her knowledge of zen buddhism and the acceptance and commitment therapy. She’s a perfectly imperfect example of how you can live your life fully, with all there is: the good AND the bad.

Unplug & Breathe 2019
Biddy & Marcella at Zavial Beach during the 2019 retreat