Our Yoga Shala

Marie and I came back from our exploratory trip to Portugal this week and we are in love. Really. Totally, head over heels in love. With Portugal, with the beaches and mostly with Monte Rosa. With the houses, the vegetable garden, the swimming pool and yes, with the Round House. This will be our Yoga Shala during our very first MaVayu retreat in Portugal this September.

It all started when we got out of our rental car, quite late in the evening. There was a mixture of the scent of the trees, the mimosa and the warm air. We just knew we picked the right spot. We can not wait to go back to Monte Rosa and share this beautiful and inspiring place with you.

At Monte Rosa they have houses for guests that we will share on our retreat. You will find hammocks all throughout the property for you to enjoy, as well as swings and seats. There is a vegetable garden supplying the kitchen with fresh fruit and veggies. To top it off there is a swimming pool for guests as well. We found it very hard to leave Monte Rosa. Will you join us when we go back?